A number of health benefits of CBD oil have been tested in vitro (i.e., with cells and tissues instead of living beings) as well as via animal studies, and some have even been examined in human clinical studies.

Problems CBD Solves However, until a health benefit has been validated by peer-reviewed, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies, it’s impossible to know for sure if CBD – or any supplement – actually has the purported effect.

We at Canna-Me use a strict methodology to distill proven benefits of different supplements. Thus far, there are promising scientific links between CBD oil and reduced symptoms of anxiety and multiple sclerosis-related pain, though research is far from conclusive. Drugs are also currently being tested that purport to reap the benefits of CBD for the treatment of certain cancers and some forms of epilepsy.

A specific story about the benefits of CBD oil

Everyone’s experience differs from caffeine, food, prescription or OTC drugs. However, Kelly experience influenced a few significant shifts in her life.

Period pain

Even though Kelly had no major experience with painful periods, she would always feel moderate cramping at the start of the month. Suddenly, she began to experience wrenching cramps during her cycle. Because she was never a fan of pain relievers, CBD was the next best option. Upon adequate research, she tried it a few days before the due date of her period.

Interestingly, the cramps were less intense than usual. Even though the reduced intensity may be due to many factors, a dose of CBD oil was all she would use. Within 30 minutes of consumption, the cramping reduced. From experience, this duration would be sufficient for an OTC pill to deal with the pain of cramping as well. The CBD oil as a natural product was a huge decision. From calming teas to essential oils and heating pads, CBD oil was the only product that facilitated the reduction of pain in good time.


A naturally anxious person, Kally would always shy away from social gatherings and big groups most of the time. With CBD oil, she always felt the diffusion of the knotted nervous feeling in her gut whenever she ingested the oil. Gradually, she shed the anxiety in bits. The soothing feeling of CBD unfolded a feeling of calmness and serenity that actually made a difference.

For instance, he recalls her recent trip where she received tons of important messages that sent her mind into spirals. For someone who drinks a lot of water, the middle seat was a natural spot for the induction of anxiety. With a few tinctures of the CBD oil, the anxiety began to diminish. Without this, she would not be able to settle down for a good read during the flight.


Kelly was notorious for her ridiculous sleeping patterns. Her unpredictable sleep pattern was typical of several weeks of sleep gaps and periodic great sleep in between. In simple words, she was a victim of an ‘overactive bedtime brain’. After several years of dealing with this pattern, she started taking regular doses of CBD oil. An hour before bedtime, she would mix the oil in her evening tea for five consecutive days. Surprisingly again, she had great sleep throughout those days. As part of her testimonials, she said: “I am not sure if the oil is the reason I can sleep better but reports say that CBD is capable of adjusting sleep patterns and inducing several health benefits.”.

Mood Boost

Depression was another constant in Kelly’s history. Coupled with the panic attacks, she would experience a few streaks of depression – a medical condition that resulted in the degradation of her mental health. With CBD oil, the lingering feeling of depression faded away slowly. In one of the CBD oil manufacturers’ label, it was suggested that CBD would instill an overall sense of well-being. Till date, her ‘toolbox’ has doubled as a mood booster as well.
Nevertheless, the method of administering CBD depends on the user. For Kally, her favorite CBD oil comes with a dropper. And she always ingested two droppers to experience the soothing relief.