About Us

Our story begins in our early days when we were formulating Buy CBD oil in Europe products for friends and family in our backyard

But now, the world is finally waking up, more people than ever are trying CBD oil Formula as a natural, safe alternative therapy.

Canna-me had been a dream of ours for a long time. We want to serve those who continue to educate themselves by searching for a superior alternative for their body. Read more…

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Buy CBD oil in Europe

Canna-Me uses specific Terpene- based CBD oil formulas to deliver the best known practice of solving medical conditions through Hemp extractions.

Share your needs with us, and we will offer you the best Canna-Me solution tailored specifically to your desired mood.

We will follow your progress during the first month, helping you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

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6 Reasons to Choose Canna-Me

Customer Oriented

Customer service is our #1 priority. We know that you are the key to our success.

Organic Non-Gmo

Living in an industrial age requires careful attention to cultivation practices.Buy CBD oil in Europe Canna-ME’s pledge will always be 100% NATURAL.

From Seed to Product

Because we believe in the highest possible standards, We decided to create our products from start to finish.

The Team

We feel like a family and operate like a corporation. Our elite hand-picked team strives to reach the stars in every aspect of our business.

Unique Formulations

Understanding and leveraging the fact that everything in nature is connected, we were able to formulate very unique blends of cannabinoids, terpenes and medicinal herbs for any condition.

Lab Tested

We go to great lengths to grow and produce pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. After rigorous quality tests of our own, our products are sent to an independent laboratory for quality testing.

Customer Thoughts

I am much more relaxed!

I was a bit skeptical at first; however, Relax-Me really works, and I feel elated. I have finally found a natural solution for my nervousness and stress.

Carla Shuleman / Facebook

Goodbye sleepless nights…

I haven’t slept properly for over 5 years and have really tried EVERYTHING available.

Thanks to Snooze-Me I finally enjoyed a refreshing night of sleep. It’s priceless.

Kate Messer / Facebook

BEST customer service ever…

I have worked with hundreds of companies throughout my lifetime, Canna-Me by far has the most dedicated, responsive and caring customer service I have ever encountered.

Leela Koren